north country ndt, llc
north country ndt, llc
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NDT Testing Services Protect Your Business

At North Country NDT we offer the top levels of Non-destructive Testing Procedures to ensure your storage equipment and facilities are safe and certified. Our expert team of technicians is available to test your business’ storage tanks and storage facilities. Our non-destructive procedures will ensure you get the information you need without harming the equipment. We will help reduce costly downtime, maximize your facility’s uptime and give you the information you need to reduce shutdowns and turnarounds. Click on one of our testing services below to learn more about how we will work for your business.

Magnetic Particle Testing


Penetrant Testing

Ultrasonic Thickness Testing




The Process in Detail


The way we work with you and your business is a smooth and orderly set of procedures. The team at North Country NDT has been doing this type of testing for years and we have the experience, technology and expertise to deliver high-quality inspections with all the data you need. A breakdown of our overall process from beginning to end looks like this:


  1. We know testing is required every 3 to 5 years, so many of our clients hear from us first.
  2. You can however also reach out to us.
  3. You let us know that you are accepting bids when you contact us.
  4. You provide us an idea of the types of services you are looking for.
  5. We bid on the contract.
  6. The bid is accepted.
  7. We then come on-site and perform the testing.
  8. We send an invoice for the services provided.
  9. And last we issue a final report on your tests once the invoice has been received.


That’s the process. It’s smooth and efficient. We work with paper mills, concrete plants, chemical storage facilities and product storage facilities – essentially any company that has steel tanks or pressure vessels. Our tests cover a wide range of non-destructive procedures from boroscope examination in remote visual testing, to magnetic particle testing, to dye penetrant testing to ultrasonic thickness measurement. In the 10 years our team has been together we’ve never had one recordable accident on record and our clients haven’t issued a single complaint. Our team tests your equipment safely, and thoroughly and gets you the results and data you need.

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