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EMR Safety Rating -- 0.97




Dye Penetrant Testing performed by North Country NDT is one of the most popular Non-destructive Testing (NDT) methods in the industry. It is economical, versatile, and requires less time to train technicians to perform the testing in comparison to other NDT methods. Dye penetrant tests look for material flaws open to the surface by flowing liquid into the flaw and then drawing the liquid out with a chalk-like developer. Welds are the most common item inspected, but plate, bars, pipes, castings, and forgings are also inspected with this test.


While the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) Boiler & Pressure Vessel Code recognizes six different techniques of Liquid Penetrant Testing, the dye penetrant solvent removable method is most popular. This test is low cost and very versatile. Most nonporous materials - such as steel, stainless steel, cast iron, aluminum, brass, bronze, titanium, rubber, plastics, and glass - can be tested with dye penetrant. Porous materials like concrete, wood, paper, cloth, and some types of fiberglass can not be tested with dye penetrant.


For Dye Penetrant Testing to be used on ASME Code construction a written procedure must be followed. North Country NDT technicians are qualified and experienced performing this written procedure. Our tests comply with ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code and address all essential and nonessential variables.


There are several key advantages to using dye penetrant testing. These advantages are:


  • The test has a high sensitivity to small surface discontinuities
  • The test allows for easy inspection of parts with complex shapes
  • It provides a quick and inexpensive inspection of large areas and large volumes of parts/materials
  • There are few material limitations since metallic and nonmetallic, magnetic and nonmagnetic, and conductive and nonconductive can all be tested
  • A visual representation of the flaw are indicated directly on the part surface

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